Jim Carter


Digital Handyman

I provide digital services to businesses and individuals, software, hardware, web sites, photography, and video.

  • Computer Repair I've been working with computers for many years. Whether you want to replace broken hardware, like a bad hard drive, video card, sound card etc. Or "downgrade" your operating system to XP from Vista. Or if you just need help setting up that new machine I can do it.
  • Support and Instruction I've done technical support for companies such as NewTek, Sony and Astar, if you need advice, instruction, or other support just let me know.
  • Web sites I have designed web sites from consulting with my customers, and I also will do site maintenance or teach you how to do your own updating. If you need photos or video on your site I can do that very well.
  • Photography I've been taking pictures for many years and come up with some real good ones now and then (Click on photo strip above). I do Photo Restoration and can burn your photos to DVD, CD, or video tape. Watch this slide show of the Anza Borrego Desert
  • Video I've been involved with video for some time, these days I mostly edit tape that other people shoot and then stream that on the internet.

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