Jim Carter


Web sites

For the last little while I've been making some money working on web sites. I really enjoy working with the web, the more I learn the cooler it becomes to me.

Kathleen St.John a local (San Diego) Composer, Artist, Writer, Musician. You name it she does it. Except I do her web site. It's still got a little ways to go but it's starting to look good.

San Diego Peace Resource Center is a site I did design, it's a pretty basic HTML site for now except for the calendar and the navigation menu. Check out the Calendar that was some work. It's also a good organization.

Mariposa Homemade Ice Cream The ice cream is superb I highly recommend it. The buttons in the navigation bar are handmade.

Wealth TV is the site I did for a living. I didn't design it but I did a lot of development on it. Forms and Dynamic forms. The dropdown navigation on the LoFi version is all done with CSS and a Javascript hack to make it work with the non-compliant Microsoft IE. This site has changed a bit since I worked there but some of it is still mine.